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HLZ1500B-12 / HLZ2000B-12
HLZ1500G-12 / HLZ2000G-12

  • Welding strength is high by adopting the CO₂ automatic welding method.
  • It has superior productivity and stability compared to conventional manual machines.
  • Data entry and automatic control by touch panel
  • The pitch of hoop and number of welding points can be adjusted automatically within the machinable range.
  • There is little loss by using of coil rebar as hoop.
  • It is prefabrication facility living up to the advanced construction.
  • Minimized failure rate with continuous improvement and update.
HLZ1500B-12/HLZ2000B-12 Specification
Division HLZ1500B-12 HLZ2000B-12
Cage diameter Ø800~Ø1,500 Ø800~Ø2,000
Cage length 2~12m (Above length on request) 2~12m (Above length on request)
Spiral wire diameter Ø6~Ø12mm Ø6~Ø12mm
Longitudinal barsdiameter Ø16~Ø32mm Ø16~Ø32mm
Welding type Welding robot(CO₂) Welding robot(CO₂)
Installed power 22.37kW 28.37kW
Overall dimension(mm) 19,750x5,650x2,450 28,000x9,060x3,300